About Us


“Not your Everyday Roofing Contractor!”

Clifford-Lee & Associates specializes in Commercial and Industrial Roof Repairs and Maintenance. Our servicemen are trained and experienced with all types of Commercial Roof Systems, including but not limited to, Asphalt Built-up, EPDM, TPO, PVC and other Single Plies, Metal Panels, and other Conventional Roof Systems. Repairing leak issues and maintaining your roofing investments, is our everyday goal! Prompt, Professional, and Courteous Service is our TOP PRIORITY, when providing our “Customer Service” to you.

“Experienced and Dedicated.”

Established in 1992 as a roof repair and maintenance contractor, Clifford-Lee’s experience evolved from lifetime roofing professionals who saw the need for a customer service oriented company, dedicated to repairing and maintaining existing roof systems. Most “Roofing Contractors” are simply not set up to provide “Immediate Response” when you have roof issues. These services are provided on a “When we can get to it basis!” “You” do not have the luxury of waiting till that time! As a repair and maintenance contractor, our techs are always available to provide service “When Needed.” Safety Issues, Property Damage, Lost Sales and Production Down-Time, can be extremely costly to your business. Clifford-Lee is experienced in making repairs as needed, and dedicated to providing you with prompt professional service. Our standard response time to leak calls is 24 to 48 hours. We can generally have someone on site within 24 hours. We operate 24/7/365.

“Location, Location, Location!”

Clifford-Lee provides our services in many states (See Service Map). Our home office is located in Bentonville, AR and we have several other satellite offices in the Southeast.

“CALL 479-278-2990

Although “all” leaks cannot be immediately repaired, we feel sure that you will be satisfied with our success rate. Our ability to provide a scope of maintenance and/or repair work, and complete the repairs needed in a professional manner, can become a tremendous, long-term cost savings to you. We will be glad to meet with you, to discuss our services. We can be reached by phone at the number above, or at If we can be of service to you in any way, please contact us at your convenience.

Clifford-Lee and Associates maintains a “Drug-Free Workplace”. Our servicemen are roofing professionals, and are very experienced in working with “Retail Businesses”.